About Achadu

The Achadu Nanolab 3N (Nanomaterials | Nanobiosensors | Nanoenergy) Research Group at Teesside University focuses on the development and applications of novel biosensors and advanced materials for molecular diagnostics in healthcare and novel nanomaterials for renewable energy technologies. The main areas of our research are:

  • biosensors
  • molecular diagnostics
  • optical imaging
  • sensing of pathogens and neurodegenerative diseases biomarkers
  • medical devices
  • 3D/2D materials – plasmonic quantum dots and magnetic nanoparticles
  • self-powered devices and magnetic nanogenerators fabrication.
  • Our mission is to explore interdisciplinary research opportunities at the interfaces of nanotechnology, electronics and other disciplines with a particular focus on nanomaterial-based biosensing techniques for disease diagnosis, artificial intelligence and machine learning in big data analysis, biomarker discovery and decision support, along with 3D-based nanostructured devices for renewable energy technologies.

    Our research strategically aligns with international and UK funding priorities, in particular the areas of improving health, wellbeing and social care, as well as sustainable resources and infrastructures, energy to help the UK to meet its sustainability goals.

    Interested in joining our group?

    We welcome enthusiastic and vibrant researchers with novel ideas to Achadu Lab. Interested candidates can e-mail their CV & brief outline of research plans directly to O.Achadu@tees.ac.uk or click here